Below is a list of all the RSVPs to Friday and Saturday evening events.  Look to see if your best friend will be attending...if they are not, encourage them to be there or be square!

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Guest RSVP'd
Russell Clifton
Tiina Arjanen (arjanen)
Douglas Larson
Carlos Polanco Jr
Tony Ogden
Mark Romack (romack)
Jay Wilson
Greg Young
Cathy Nelle
Anita Bass (bass)
Marie Casarez
Paula Johnson (allen)
Tammy Latham (steele)
Jason Kelly
Keigo Takahashi
Glenn Kearby
Albert Castillo
Mario Gastaldi (gastaldi)
Donna Clark (kircher)
Trent Alexander
Nancy Blum
David Darling
Perry Perry Scott Ewing (ewing)
Donna Thate (mobley)
Larry Hicks
Richard Schrader
Randy Robison (robison)
Gene Cole
Tamara Burton (burton-elizondo)
Stephanie Jumper (moreno)